ECA Music Program

Emmanuel Christian Academy believes that music is essential to offering a well-rounded education. Our Elementary program begins as young as K4 and K5, teaching them the fun and enjoyment of music! 

All of our 1st-6th grade students participate in Elementary choir and perform in both our Winter and Spring concerts! In the 5th and 6th grades, our students are introduced to handbells to allow them the option to play in middle school and high school.

Both middle school and high school have the opportunity to join choir and handbells and perform in our Winter and Spring recitals. They also will be given the opportunity to compete in the NEACS Fine Arts Competition. Additionally, we provide our students with real-world opportunities for applying musical skills by having a worship team to lead worship during our weekly chapels.

In 2020, we launched our piano program available directly through ECA. This allows students the opportunity to take private or group music lessons during school hours or right after school! 

Music lessons Program overview

We understand that summer needs to be flexible for both you and our teachers, and it is our goal for our students to continue in lessons during the summer while offering a flexible schedule.

Our Summer Program includes eight weeks of lessons, June, July, and August, based on the schedule of you and the teacher. Once you have registered, your teacher will reach out to you about dates that will best accommodate your summer schedule.


Introduction to Piano (K5 – 1st Grade)

This introductory program focuses on the fundamentals of music and prepares budding musicians to succeed in their musical endeavors! This course also focuses on developing motor skills,  introducing tiny fingers to notes on the piano, establishing a strong sense of rhythm, and preparing future musicians by setting a strong foundation. Completion of this course allows students the opportunity to enroll in group lessons the following year!

Private Piano Lessons (All ages and levels)

Private lessons are available for students of all ages and all levels! Students who complete the requirements in group piano lessons will be recommended to advance to private lessons. Private lessons are tailored for individual students to meet their specific needs and goals. Our goal is to provide a well-rounded, educational experience, teaching students to be able to both sight read and play by ear! As students progress, the school has multiple opportunities for students to perform in recitals and competitions, as well as gain practical experience by accompanying songs for chapel.

Students enrolled in private lessons are expected to perform in the Spring recital to gain experience performing. 

Private Voice Lessons (4th-12th grade)

Students enrolled in voice lessons will be given preference to compete in Fine Arts and participate in vocal solos for concerts. Secondary students will be able to work with their teacher for the Fine Arts Competition in March as well as cover basic vocal techniques and repertoire. At the teacher’s discretion, vocal students may participate in the Spring Recital in May. 

Private Guitar Lessons (3rd-12th grade)

Students enrolled in guitar will learn both note reading and chords, with a foundation in general music theory. Secondary students enrolled in guitar lessons will be given opportunities to help with chapel music during the school year. 

Private Percussion Lessons (1st-12th grade)

We are excited to offer a comprehensive and inspiring percussion program designed to ignite your passion for rhythm and unleash your musical potential. Percussion lessons are a great way for early musicians to focus on the fundamentals of rhythm as well as more experienced music students to expand their musical skills.

program registration

rates and policies

Rates and Fees:

  • Registration fee: $25* New Students Only! Students re-enrolling will not be charged.
  • Private lessons: $100 per month 

*Registration fee includes a binder, lessons book, and other sheet music for the student as needed. Registration fees are billed at the beginning of the school year and at the beginning of the summer.

Practices, Performances, and Requirements

  • Students are required to complete practice assignments by the teacher in order to continue receiving lessons.
  • Students must have a keyboard or piano at home to practice on. Students in beginner piano may use a 66-key keyboard, but we highly encourage all students to have an 88-key fully weighted keyboard at home for practice.


  • Billing for private music lessons will be done though FACTS unless they do not have a current FACTS account. Other students will be billed through My Music Staff.
  • Students enrolling in summer lessons must commit to the three month semester which includes 8 lessons. Due to scheduling and teacher commitments, we will not be able to honor unenrollment for any reason. 
  • Lessons are billed monthly June, July, and August.
  • Student accounts with past due balances will not be eligible to continue lessons until the account is made current.

    Missed or Cancelled Lessons

    • Students are allowed one absence during the summer semester that will be made up by the teacher as the teacher’s schedule permits. Additional missed lessons can be made up at the discretion of the teacher and depending on their availability.
    • Students who miss lessons due to illness or unexpected family incidents that would be considered “excused” absences will make up those lessons with the teacher as the teacher’s schedule permits. 
    • Lessons missed by the teacher will be made up by the end of the summer semester.

    Teacher Communication

    • Students will receive lesson report cards quarterly when ECA releases the school report cards. Teachers will keep attendance records of lessons in RenWeb so that parents can track missed lessons. Note: Summer lessons will not receive a report card in RenWeb, but will be given a summer assessment with the same information. This will be sent home with the student on their last lesson of the summer.
    • Teachers will send home lesson notes each week with practice assignments.

    My Music Staff

    ECA uses “My Music Staff” for lesson scheduling, attendance, parent communication, and lesson notes. Students and parents will be sent log-in e-mails with instructions for setting up their accounts once enrolled. My Music Staff will send a reminder e-mail about lesson times.

    meet our teachers

    Amanda Montepeque

    Amanda has been teaching private piano for twenty years and has been heavily involved in church worship music and children’s music ministry her entire life. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Music Education and has travelled for various music groups as both pianist and vocalist. An experienced arranger and accompanist, she taught for 10 years at First Redeemer Conservatory of Music and Fine Arts in Cumming, GA, where she specialized in teaching both classical and worship music.

    Amanda teaches her students both fundamentals and ear training from the beginning and integrates both classical pieces and worship music into her student’s repertoire, enabling students to acquire a multi-disciplinary set of skills.

    Mary Kate Zachary

    Mary Kate holds a Bachelor of Arts in Music Education and has been teaching music for over fifteen years. She has traveled with groups and choirs as a pianist and has been the music director at Emmanuel Christian Academy for 2 years. She previously taught at the Washington Academy of Music in Silverdale, WA and prepared students for exams with the Royal Conservatory Achievement Program. Her students received best in region and best in state awards during annual testing.

    Mary Kate’s teaching philosophy is to tailor each lesson to students’ individual learning needs and incorporate a variety of technical studies, ear training, sight-reading, and theory so that students have a well-rounded music education. She is the current Music Director at Emmanuel Christian Academy and oversees the music department and all concerts and performances.