Tuition and Fees


2018-2019 Tuition and Fees

Registration Fees

Price Per Student

Before March 31, 2018 $200
After March 31, 2018 $300

*$100 due at time of enrollment, remaining balance will be billed on FACTS June 1, 2018.

Tuition Fee

Per Year

K4 (Half Day) $4,225
K4 (2 Day) $2,000
K4 (3 Day) $3,000
K4 & K5 (Full Day) $4,999
Grade 1-12 $5,999
Third Child $2,500
Fourth Child $1,500
Fifth Child (& following) $500


  • For the convenience of our parents, tuition may be paid in monthly installments of 10, 11, or 12 months depending on time of enrollment.
  • Payment plans are described in detail through FACTS Management. Due dates will be assigned by FACTS according to enrollment date.

Books and Textbook Costs

  • Parents are responsible to purchase books from the Academy. Prices vary depending upon the grade level of the students. Book fees include all necessary textbooks.
  • Book fees will be billed by FACTS June 1, 2018.

Grade Cost
K4 – K5 $200
1st-6th $300
7th-12th $350 (includes core curriculum and all electives)

School Fees

  • Fees are charged to cover the expenses of some classes, tests, music, and events.
  • Additional fees for optional activities will be charged by FACTS throughout the year as applicable. These fees are listed on the fee schedule.
  • Two complimentary transcripts may be mailed for current students when requested. Additional transcripts are $2 each for current students and $4 each for former students.

Required fees per grade

K4 – 5th Cost 9th – 11th Cost
Technology/Testing $100 Technology/Testing/Lab $175
 *Yearbook $40 *Yearbook $40
Class Dues $180
6th – 8th 12th
Technology/Testing $125 Technology $100
 *Yearbook  $40  Life Skills/Graduation $150
*Yearbook $40
Class Dues $180

Additional Fees

Fee Cost
(applicable with Participation)
Varsity Sports $110 (must be paid before uniform is issued)
Junior Varsity Sports $65 (must be paid before uniform is issued)
Sports Uniform Late Fee $20 (plus $200 replacement fee if not returned)
NEACS Fine Arts $8 per test/event, $5 lunch, transportation cost tbd
Music Fee $50
Late Pick-Up $10 per hour, per child (3:30pm-5:30pm daily)
Advanced Placement Test $93

*Sell one yearbook ad per student and receive a free yearbook. Every student is eligible for this incentive.