Secondary Education


Classes at ECA are designed to encourage students to push themselves academically. Students are taught how to study and prepare for challenges that they will face in college and beyond.

Honors Classes

In order to prepare students for success at the collegiate level, ECA offers several honors level classes in Math, Science, English and Spanish.

AP Classes

ECA offers various AP classes in English and Technology. AP classes provide our students with a competitive edge and push them to higher academic achievement.

Dual Enrollment

Students entering their junior year have the opportunity to enroll in College-level, advanced placement classes by Liberty University and Maranatha Baptist University. Courses are offered during the school year and during summer break. Upon successful completion of the course, students earn three college credits and one high school credit.

Any course taken in the Dual Enrollment program will carry the same weight as an honors class toward their GPA. Because Liberty and Maranatha are regionally accredited, credits should transfer to any regionally accredited college or University. Every college or university has their own procedures for transfer credits, so please check to ensure that credits will transfer to the institution your student is interested in attending.


Because we live in a digital world, we believe a proper preparation for success in any job market should include training in the most sought-after technical skills. We offer classes on CAD, 3D printing, Web design and creation, APP design and development and coding. These skills are essential to success in an increasingly digital world. We are constantly modifying are selections to prepare our students and equip them with the skills needed to thrive in a global economy.


Chapel’s are held every Tuesday and Thursday and Bible classes are taught on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Students are encouraged to maintain a dedicated relationship with Jesus Christ.

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