Faculty and Staff

The faculty at ECA is a group of caring, Christian professionals who are dedicated to the Lord Jesus and to the spiritual and academic growth of our students. They help to provide a warm and secure atmosphere in which our students can thrive and grow in grace. Each team member is an experienced educator who is excited about teaching. Our faculty, many with masters degrees, have over 100 years of teaching experience.


Pastor Cary Schmidt

Pastor Cary Schmidt, President
Senior Pastor, Emmanuel Baptist Church,  Newington, CT


Mr. Jonathan Riopel

Pastor Jonathon Riopel, Administrator
Senior High Math
B.A. Youth Ministries, Pensacola Christian College,
M.S. Educational Administration, Pensacola Christian College,
M.Div., Pensacola Theological Seminary


Mrs. Cathy Nichols

Mrs. Cathy Nichols, Elementary Administrator
1st and 2nd Grade
B.S. Elementary Education, Maranatha Baptist Bible College


Other Elementary Faculty

Mrs. Billy Nichols
Mrs. Billy Nichols
B.S. Education, Maranatha Baptist Bible College
Mrs. Billy Nichols
Mrs. Renee Colby


Miss Stacey Monroe
Miss Stacey Monroe
3rd and 4th Grade
B.S. Elementary Education, Pensacola Christian College


Miss Hannah Phalon
4th Grade and Secondary Music
B.S. Elementary Education, West Coast Baptist College


Mrs. Sara Finer
Mrs. Sara Finer
5th and 6th Grade
B.S. Elementary Education, New England Baptist College


Secondary Faculty

Mrs. Loretta Hovey
Mrs. Loretta Hovey
Junior High English and Math


Mr. Peter Gallucci
Mr. Peter Gallucci
Junior and Senior High History and Geography, Junior High Science
B.A. Pastoral Studies, Bob Jones University,
M.S. Biblical Counseling, Bob Jones University


Mr. Steven Montepeque
Pastor Steven Montepeque
Senior High Math and Spanish
Bachelor of Ministry, Golden State Baptist College


Mr. Lance Schmidt
Pastor Lance Schmidt
Bible and Chapel
Youth Pastor, Emmanuel Baptist Church; Newington, CT,
B.R.E. Church Ministries, West Coast Baptist College


Mrs. Brenda Love
Mrs. Brenda Love
Senior High English
B.S. Secondary Education, Maranatha Baptist Bible College


Mr. Sherwin Santiago
Pastor Sherwin Santiago
PE, Speech
Children’s Pastor, Emmanuel Baptist Church; Newington, CT,
B.A. Church Ministries, West Coast Baptist College,
M.S. Christian Education, West Coast Baptist College


Mr. Glenn Mason

Mr. Glenn Mason
Technology and Music
B.S. Finance, University of Connecticut,
M.S. Education Technology, Central Connecticut State University,
M.S. Biblical Languages, Emmanuel Baptist Theological Seminary


Pastor Derrick Williams
Pastor Derrick Williams
11th-12th Bible
Associate Pastor, Emmanuel Baptist Church; Newington, CT,
B.R.E. Missions, West Coast Baptist College


Mrs. Hillarie Schmidt
Mrs. Hillarie Schmidt
Associate’s of Secretarial Science, West Coast Baptist College


Ms. Hillary Sawyers
Dr. Hillary Sawyers
SH Math and Science
B.S., University of the West Indies
Master in Education, Liberty University
Doctor of Education, William Howard Taft University


Mrs. Amanda Montepeque
Mrs. Amanda Montepeque
Advanced Piano & JH choir
B.S. Music Education, Golden State Baptist College


Adjunct Faculty

Mrs. Katerie Tower
Mrs. Katerie Tower
Senior High Science – Adjunct
B.S. Botany, University of Massachusetts,
M.S. Biology, Pennsylvania State University


Office and Support Staff

Mrs. Tammie Shannon
Mrs. Tammie Shannon
Administrative Assistant

Mrs. Nancy Gallucci
Mrs. Nancy Gallucci

Mrs. Sarah Gallucci
Mrs. Sarah Gallucci
Food Prep/Office